Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Amusing Links

Check out Gordon Smith's post at Conglomerate on Texas A&M football coach Dennis Franchione's super-duper-secret newsletter.

Sportsprof notes that Every School Should Have an Owner Like Boone Pickens and offers some gold-digging advice to Oklahoma State wannabees.

Finally, have a gander at EDSBS's take on the firing of University of Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson, and the (re-)hiring of Tom Osborne. TEE HEE!


Timothy said...

It's Tom Osborn, not Tom Olsen. And he's not being 're-hired', unless you mean rehired as an employee, because his former jobs were coaching positions at the university, including winning 3 National Championships in the 90's as Head Coach of the Cornhuskers. Now he's been hired as AD.

And I really don't think you understand what was being referenced in the page you posted a link to. The guy was breathing a huge sigh of relief that Dr. Tom wasn't coming back as the head coach, because very very very few coaches can claim success on the field against Tom Osborn. He's happy for his team, because they'll never again have to face a Nebraska team coached by Tom Osborn.

He has photoshopped the pic of Tom to look like the pope because that's basically what Dr. Tom is in college football coaching circles. A legend who is highly respected by all who love and follow the game of college football. That pic was paying HOMAGE to Dr. Tom.

Really now, do you investigate ANYTHING you post in this blog of yours, or do you just bloviate?

TEE HEE indeed!

Profane said...

To correct your correction, it is Tom OSBORNE. And yes, one would assume that I meant that he was being re-hired as an employee. And yes again, I am fully aware of his reputation in college football circles, and I found the photoshopped pic highly amusing.

Really, do you investigate ANY blog you comment on, or do you just bloviate?