Friday, February 15, 2008

In June: Sampson versus Senderoff?

Andy Katz has scooped a significant interview in the case, with ex-assistant Rob Senderoff:

Former Indiana assistant Rob Senderoff said Friday that he didn't lie to NCAA investigators when he met with them after he left his position at the school in October.

Senderoff declined to comment about the allegation that Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson didn't tell the truth to investigators, a charge that helped push the allegations to "major" status. He did say he told the truth to the NCAA. If confirmed by NCAA investigators, that could substantiate that Senderoff knowingly helped violate Sampson's restrictions which were placed on the Indiana head coach by the committee on infractions from May 25, 2006 to May 24, 2007. . . .

Senderoff said he didn't give false information to the NCAA. He said the only false statement he made was to Indiana when he incorrectly signed a home phone log sheet saying he didn't make any recruiting calls from his house. He now says he made 15. The Notice of Allegations does specify that Senderoff did submit the false recruiting call documentation to Indiana's compliance staff.

"I signed the call log that I didn't make recruiting calls from home when in fact I did," Senderoff said. "I was not untruthful to the NCAA nor will I be. I never lied to the NCAA. I want to make it clear I was not charged with lying to the NCAA enforcement staff."

Senderoff, who resigned in late October, said he can't comment on the specifics of the case but "I'll have my chance when I sit in front of the committee [of infractions] in June [in Seattle]."


On other fronts, President McRobbie has announced an investigation, which will probably last a week, into the new allegations against Sampson. Indiana is apparently following the letter of his contract religiously, while at the same time laying the groundwork for his removal, the procedure for which is set out as follows:

C. Procedures for Termination for Just Cause. "Just Cause" sufficient to satisfy the provisions of Section 6.02.B hereof shall initially be determined by the Director of Athletics of the University. Once such determination is made, the Director of Athletics shall have the administrative authority to order suspension of the Employee from his duties without pay pending termination of this Agreement, provided that notice of any such suspension pending termination shall be delivered to the Employee in writing, detailing the reasons for such suspension and setting forth a reasonable time within which the Employee may respond.

The Employee shall have the procedural right, upon written request, to a review relating to any such suspension ordered by the Director of Athletics pending termination. Such written request shall be sent to the President of the University. . . . The President's decision will be final.

If the Employee fails to request such review within ten (10 days) after receipt of notice of suspension pending termination, this Agreement shall be terminated for the causes cited in such notice."

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