Sunday, November 30, 2008

FCS Playoffs 2008: Results and Quarterfinals Predictions

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FCS Playoffs 2008: Results and Quarterfinals Predictions
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First Round Results

South Carolina State proved to be a tougher opponent that many, including myself, expected, but Appalachian State moved on after a 37-21 victory.

Colgate established why the Patriot is a perennial one bid league, and Villanova established why they should have received a seed during this 55-28 thrashing.

Eastern Kentucky's weak performance in a 38-10 demolition by Richmond puts an end to a season that the OVC wishes it could forget.

Turnovers threatened to undo New Hampshire, but ultimately undid host Southern Illinois 29-20, who had a 'down year' with a rookie coach.

Texas State made waves early, but ultimately Montana proved that they were way to good in their 31-13 victory.

Wofford unsurprisingly hung tough with James Madison, but the #1 seed edged into the quarterfinals with a 38-35 win.

Maine looked looked all out of sorts, indeed, like a team that should have been left out of the playoffs, in a 40-15 loss at Northern Iowa.

Cal Poly completed the self-destruction of their season, throwing more interceptions in their 49-35 loss to Weber State than they missed extra points last week.

Prediction Success this week: 7/8 (miscalled the Cal Poly/Weber State game)

Quarterfinal Predictions

Villanova gets sweet revenge for their home loss to James Madison on October 25, and the #1 seed fails to advance for the second year running.

Weber State struggles mightily to become the road warriors of this years tournament, but are undone by the weather, not to mention Montana.

Appalachian State proves to Richmond that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

New Hampshire once again fails to exorcise the Curse of the Dome, and Northern Iowa wins the catfight.


Anonymous said...

As a Montana student, I'm quite upset that I'm going to have to work this upcoming Saturday... but I'm excited that we get a rematch against the only team we've lost to all season. Here's to hoping the Griz show Weber what a fluke that loss was!

Anonymous said...

JMU gets no respect. ASU is everyone's darling. We'll see what happens. I've been reading Dave Caulson's articles all year and I can't tell you how many times he's "predicted" them to lose. He's also predicting them to lose this week.

kernal said...

I have to laugh at all the contenders complaining that ASU gets all the media focus, the easy ride to the top. As if winning 3 straight titles and beating a big time FBS opponent on national TV isn't enough to make this team the talk of the nation. Until another team steps up, pulls the upset no other team will get the respect. It's how things work in sports. JMU, beat ASU early, kept the #1 ranking most of the year, your time will come, keep winning, hope ASU keeps winning, beat them in the title game. I guarantee you 1 thing, if ASU stumbles along the way, and JMU makes the title game and wins, you still won't receive the respect you most likely deserve. These are the playoffs, you play the hand you are dealt and you are thankful that a computer run by a math geek is not telling you whether or not you have a shot at the title. If you are that good, you will be crowned NC!

Beef, north of the UNI-Dome said...

Call me crazy, but I think all the national seeds(the home teams) are going to win and advance to the semifinals. As far as Appalachian State deserving or not deserving their publicity, I agree with what kernal said...three straight titles, that's the bottom line. They have what everybody wants. I do disagree that if James Madison wins it all without beating them(ASU) they won't get the respect they deserve. They will. Will it be to the degree of national perception deserved? Probably not quite. The only way someone gets that is if they beat Appalachian State along the way AND win it all. I think the FCS Final Four looks to be as exciting as any season in recent memory.

Mark said...

The bottom line is, just win the games in front of you. ASU does that!!! You can not worry about how disrespected your team is, just worry about your region and win. JMU should be glad they would not meet until the final, but I hope my PANTHERS can put an end to any talk of a four peat for ASU. With that said, ASU has two tough opponents coming in Richmond and UNI or UNH. JUST WIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, as a person who has grown up in Boone and gone to App State games his whole life, I think App State deserves to be everyone's "darling" because they have always been 'alright' but never great, and now out of nowhere, they just slug the crap out of everyone. I mean, it's four years running and I'm still utterly shocked that this mediocre team I've been a fan of for years all of a sudden has nationwide media coverage and 3 titles. It's their humility and non-haughtiness that gains them the respect... the fact that they haven't been huge competition like JMU and Georgia Southern in the past. It's the American story, and people eat it up... and they should.

Mark said...

Do not think I will go that far!!

Anonymous said...

As an ASU grad, I am proud to follow and watch the Mountaineers finally put some results with their tradition of good football. I look forward to more of the same. I was in Chattanooga last year for the Delaware game and would love to be there again this year. Go APPS!

Anonymous said...

weber state just caught montana off guard last game. not happening again. 11 straight big sky championships, 23-1 in big sky play the last 4 years.... weber state had the element of surprise going. not to take anything away from them, they are a good team but the grizz will win this one

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the semifinals?