Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toledo Betting Scandal: New Details

There is a thorough and excellent article by Mike Fish and George J. Tanber on the University of Toledo betting scandal at, which sheds a great deal of light on the tawdry world of gambling on college sports.

As summer ends, heat is on in Toledo point-shaving case

Toledo president Lloyd Jacobs has a compliance mess on his hands:
Now, as fall practice proceeds, questions of athlete eligibility linger for the football and basketball teams. Even more troubling for Toledo are the institutional control questions: Did Toledo athletic officials know of any wrongdoing? If they didn't, should they have known? . . .

Earlier, Jacobs said that, before the season's start, the eligibility for every basketball and football player other than incoming freshmen would be reviewed and that the athletes would be interviewed by athletic department officials. Part of the review, presumably, is a requirement that players sign a statement saying they have not been involved in gambling activity. As of mid-August, that process remained incomplete. "We are at the midway point of the interviewing process, and eligibility of players has not been determined yet," said Toledo spokesman Matt Lockwood.
You might want to get on that before the home opener on Saturday!

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