Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FBS vs FCS: A Reality Check

It is only natural that many in the sports media have spent the better part of the last two weeks swooning over the performance of Appalachian State in the Big House. We cannot let this obscure the ultimate reason that so many of these mismatches are scheduled each season - so FBS teams can pad their records in an attempt to get bowl eligible and have another revenue-enhancing home game - or the immense disparity between FBS and FCS schools overall.

So far this season there have been 48 games between FBS and FCS schools, with the FBS schools posting an overall record of 42-6. The average margin of victory for FBS schools has been 31 points, more than four touchdowns, with the most lopsided score coming in Louisville's 73-10 beatdown of Murray State. The average margin of victory for FCS schools has been 9 points, with 3 of the wins coming by 3 points or less. There is, however, a scheduling lesson for BCS ADs - avoid the very best teams in the FCS. The FBS posts only a 5-4 record against teams from the FCS who participated in last years IAA playoffs.

FCS wins versus FBS in 2007
*Appalachian State 34 Michigan 32
Nicholls State 16 Rice 14
Northern Iowa 24 Iowa State 13
*Southern Illinois 34 Northern Illinois 31
*McNeese State 38 Lousiana Lafayette 17
*New Hampshire 48 Marshall 35

*Participant in 2006 IAA playoffs.


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