Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Arizona State Baseball: Jason Jarvis Speaks Out

A new website has been 'created out of a need to publish accurate information about ASU Baseball and the baseball career of Jason Jarvis', a sophomore who is connected to some of the allegations swirling around the program. He released the following statement there yesterday:
I would like to make a public statement that should help clarify rumors that have been going around the local news and baseball world. Recently there have been several inaccurate statements made to the press by former ASU baseball manager, Mikel Merino, about the academics and legitimacy of my grades a s well as some of my teammates. I am an easy target because it’s no secret that I have had academic problems throughout my entire school career. I was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was 6 years old. I worked very hard in high school to graduate with an overall GPA of 3.0 so I could attend college. Even though it’s much harder for me than other kids, I remained eligible through my Freshman year at ASU and I have again met all the NCAA requirements for my sophomore year. Now my grades are being called into question by none other than a disgruntled former manager , who lost his job at ASU recently . I have never even once had a conversation about school or school work with Mr. Merino. This person knows nothing about my classes or my grades yet I and my teammates have been called into question. Soon I must attend a hearing to defend myself against false charges. The process of taking online study courses and tests is well documented by others who take these classes at ASU. I am registered with the DRC at ASU and it was on the advice of my academic advisor that I study and take tests in this manner. However it is a possibility that my college career could be over because I followed the instructions of my ASU academic advisor. I love ASU, it's baseball program and my teammates and I am sure I will continue to struggle with my academics due to my learning disability, but I am doing the best I can especially during a very demanding baseball schedule. Hopefully now the readers know the facts and not just what others say. If you want to keep up with the facts of what’s actually going on and not just rumors please visit my website: I look forward to being vindicated.
Let us hope that Jason will, indeed, be vindicated. My fear is that he is now in way over his head.

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Anonymous said...

If Murphy runs such a "clean program" , why did he call Marino and Mousser at 10 pm on New Year's eve to tell them that they no longer had jobs?!

Profane said...

Yep, thats just a tad suspicious. . .

Anonymous said...

Mom wrote this article...we all know thr truth