Sunday, March 9, 2008

NCAA Football: Police Blotter 03-09-2008

Josh Jarboe of Oklahoma, story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
DeKalb County star high school football player Josh Jarboe was arrested Thursday evening for receiving stolen property and having a weapon on school property both felony charges for one of the nation's top college recruits. . . .

Jarboe is a standout wide receiver from Cedar Grove High School, ranked by as the 10th-best wide receiver nationally in the Class of 2008.

He committed last month to play for the University of Oklahoma, choosing the Sooners over Florida, Georgia and LSU.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is aware of Jarboe's arrest but has no comment, according to Kenny Mossman, a senior associate athletics director for communications at Oklahoma.

"He isn't going to make a public comment until the matter moves further along, and then only if it's necessary,'' Mossman said . "For now, the best thing to say is that he has knowledge of it and is monitoring it. ... I don't know if he's spoken to [Jarboe].''

Maurice Simmons of USC, story from the Los Angeles Times:
Maurice Simmons, a linebacker who signed a letter of intent with USC, was arraigned Friday in Compton Superior Court and charged with felony robbery and assault with a firearm in connection with an incident that allegedly took place this week. . . .

Simmons and Hall were arrested Wednesday night after they allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint on a Compton street.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies arrested the two men after they stopped a car being driven by Simmons and found a handgun and the alleged belongings of the alleged victim, sheriff's officials said.

USC Coach Pete Carroll said Thursday night that he was aware of "reports" of Simmons' arrest and that he was attempting to gather more information. He declined to comment further.

Justin Francis of Rutgers, story from the Star-Ledger:

A member of the Rutgers football team has been arrested after he allegedly robbed a man in a campus parking lot in New Brunswick, then threatened a student with an air pistol after knocking on his apartment door, authorities said.

An alert sent out by the university reported that Justin Francis, a native of Miramar, Fla., knocked on student's door Sunday night, pulled the trigger three times when the man answered, then ran away, laughing. A short time earlier, he allegedly displayed the fake gun and demanded a cell phone from a man in a university parking lot, police said. . . .

Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano said he could not comment in detail on the matter.

"I don't have a ton of information. I'm going to let the legal system, as I usually do, run its course and I may comment on it then," Schiano said. "But he has been suspended from our team indefinitely."

James Cleveland and Arvell Nelson of Iowa, story from the Des Moines Register:

Two suspended members of the Iowa Hawkeye football team — James Cleveland and Arvell Nelson — have been dismissed from the team by head coach Kirk Ferentz.

The dismissal was announced in a statement issued Thursday the day after Cleveland, entered a not guilty to three charges relating to his arrest of alleged illegal possession of prescription drugs.

“It’s disappointing anytime one of our players doesn’t complete his career with our team and go on to earn their degree from Iowa,” Ferentz said in a statement. “That being said, we wish both James and Arvell success in the future.”

Cleveland, 19, entered the written plea in response to a Feb. 23 arrest by campus police after officer found 21 units of the commonly-abused prescription pain killer oxycodone and 24 doses of muscle relaxant carisoprodol in a his room. Police say that Cleveland acknowledged the drugs belong to him.

Andy Christensen of Nebraska, story from the Lincoln Journal Star:
Nebraska offensive lineman Andy Christensen wound up in jail and indefinitely suspended from the team after Lincoln police were called to the Brass Rail early Saturday in response to an alleged sexual assault.

Lincoln Police Capt. Joseph Wright said Christensen, 21, was jailed on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault, resisting arrest and failure to comply.

Wright said Christensen allegedly approached a 23-year-old woman from behind and put his hand under her skirt. . . .

Christensen remained in the Lancaster County Jail Saturday night. He is to be arraigned Monday.

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini said in a statement that he was aware of the arrest of Christensen, a key cog on the Huskers’ offensive line the past two years.

“The charges against Andy are serious in nature and these types of actions will not be tolerated,” Pelini said. “Andy has been indefinitely suspended from our football program. I will address Andy’s future status when more complete details regarding the situation are available.”

What these coaches really need to comment on is their recruiting practices. And what I really need this morning is a second shower. . .


Jim said...

Ex-Coach Bill Callahan, now with the NY Jets, recruited the Nebraska player in question. Current Head Coach Bo Pelini had nothing to do with signing Andy Christensen. Recruiting is a problem and Callahan recruited players with stars but that seldom performed up to their so-called potential and often got into trouble off the campus. Thanks goodness he's GONE!

Before you take another shower, take time to apologize to Coach Pelini and get your facts straight.

Profane said...


I appreciate your insight, but I would only take your advice if you could both establish a reason why I should apologize to Coach Pelini, and advise me on facts which I got wrong. So far you have done neither.

I would have applauded Pelini if he had taken the opportunity that this incident provided to underscore that he is committed to recruiting character.


Timothy said...

Pelini was new. Had barely been here 2 months at the time of the incident. Callahan was a good guy, too. There was nothing wrong with his recruiting and his coaching principles. Very few of his players landed in scandal, and only in this instance was it heinous. Jim was wrong to criticize him.

Pelini, the rest of the NU coaches and new AD Tom Osborn are all about character. Nebraska's always tried to put out a classy product in all sports. As a Nebraska fan, I'll take the lumps I have coming to me regarding this Christensen ordeal and any other scandal that pops up. [After all, even the best raised children and highest vetted recruit may go astray, for a day or a lifetime.] What I won't accept is your issuing a blanket statement impugning Coach Pelini's recruiting principles when it is so obvious you have invested zero time into investigating what those principles are, because Pelini and his assistants have been talking about recruiting character since the day he signed on as head coach!!! Repeatedly!!! In multiple interviews!!!

I've made my case to support Jim's demand for an apology to Coach Pelini. I don't really expect one, however when I read your response to Jim, asking him to show why you needed to apologize, when he had already explained why in his post... well I just had to pipe up. I'm sorry I can't show you which 'facts' you have wrong, because you didn't present any.

Here's a lesson I teach my foster son at every opportunity... Don't make assumptions and present them as fact!!! Isn't it amusing that I'm now legitimately offering that same lesson to an internationally educated Doctor!

Profane said...


Better reading comprehension would behoove you. As I implied in the original blog post and specified in my response to Jim, Pelini missed an opportunity. He could have used this case, SPECIFICALLY, to underscore his commitment to recruiting character.

Please, go easy on the exclamation points and straw men arguments if you choose to comment here in the future. Thanks.