Sunday, November 18, 2007

Grats to the Violets/Graduation Data

Many congratulations to the Violets of New York University on their victory in the DIII Cross-Country championships. As always in cross country, it was a team effort where the top five runners finished in the top 53, led by senior captain Hany Abdallah, who finished ninth. This resulted in a comfortable 128-150 victory over second place Haverford. The individual title went to Tyler Sigl of Wisconsin-Platteville.

New York University is a non-scholarship DIII school, so graduation rates in individual sports are not reported, but the overall student body posts an 82% graduation rate, with runner-up Haverford coming in at 91%. Strange that all of these schools crippled by high academic standards manage to do so well when it comes to athletics success!

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