Thursday, November 1, 2007

News Briefs; Blogation

I. LSU Brawl Fallout

Kudos to LSU football coach Les Miles for dismissing two players, linebackers Jeremy Benton and Derrick Odom from the team as a result of their participation in some intramural bar brawling on Saturday night. Backup quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended for Saturday's game against Alabama. See EDSBS for the whole sorry story.

II. Alabama Textbook Scandal

Speaking of Alabama, University of Alabama AD Mal Moore flew to Indianapolis on Wednesday along with Compliance Director Chris King to update the NCAA on their investigation into the textbook scandal. This did not, however, result in any change of status for the five football players currently practicing, but suspended from participating in any games.

III. Reggie Bush and USC

The meeting between the NCAA and would be Reggie Bush agent Lloyd Lake, who has threatened to dish the dirt on alleged improper benefits has been pushed back until Tuesday. The longer this meeting is delayed, the more it looks like leverage for a potential settlement of the lawsuit Lake has filed against Bush and his family.

IV. Kelvin Sampson, Liar?

At a news conference today, Kelvin Sampson responded to evidence in Indiana's self report to the NCAA that suggests that he is not merely a cheater, but a liar as well:
Two recruits and their parents said in the Ice Miller report sent to the NCAA that Sampson and former IU assistant Rob Senderoff both spoke throughout three-way conversations. Sampson and Senderoff told investigators that Sampson was unaware Senderoff was on the phone.

Sampson was involved in as many as 18 three-way calls that were in direct violation of his recruiting sanctions which were in effect from May 25, 2006 through May 24, 2007.

“I know what I know, and that’s all I need to say on that,” Sampson said today during his weekly news conference with the media. “The way I answered the question was the right answer."
The right answer to CYA? Or the truth?

I am off to Washington DC for the weekend to attend a conference, so Profane will be taking a brief blogation until Sunday night or Monday. Cheers!

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