Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fulmer Cup

EDSBS, for Every Day Should Be Saturday, is arguably the most entertaining college football site on the web. Whereas I prefer to rant when problems strike, they prefer to laugh, and have developed a mock Scandal Scorecard which charts the severity of each teams’ off field performances. It is dubbed the Fulmer Cup, to (dis)honor the epic misbehavior of players under Phillip Fulmer, the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. The leader so far this year? The University of Illinois Fighting Illini, who have scored a total of 24 points on the strength of 8 counts of residential burglary leveled against Joseph 'Jody' Ellis and Derrick McPhearson. Some recent mob action at State Penn could, however, dump the Illini unceremoniously into second place. . .

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