Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Four Notes

I. There was a tragedy in the basketball world on Monday which was, naturally, eclipsed by the massacre at Virginia Tech. Guy Alang-Ntang, a forward from Cameroon who currently plays at New Hampton High and was recruited by Wichita State, collapsed on the court during a pickup game, and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Keep him and his family, friends, teammates and classmates in your thoughts and prayers.

II. SportsProf made an excellent post yesterday on how St. Louis University provides an excellent example of how NOT to play on the coaching carousel.

III. A search warrant filed in Hennepin County District Court has revealed a few more details in the case of the three University of Minnesota football players suspected of raping an 18-year old woman last week. Evidence seized included bedding, cell phones, couch cushions, mattress pads, and used condoms. It was also revealed that the victim had drank heavily at a party in the players’ apartment, and that the players sent her text messages after the incident which may very well be crucial evidence. The investigation remains open and any DNA evidence will likely be available in June.

IV. I praised Steve Spurrier several days ago, but, as fair is fair, I must rip him today. On early Sunday morning, several South Carolina football players were involved in a confrontation with gang members. This ended with running back Cory Boyd firing shots into the air, and gang members returning fire. Boyd was suspended for the 2005 season for violating team policy. This news breaks on the same day that Spurrier reinstated freshman quarterback Steve Garcia. Garcia was arrested on February 17 and charged with drunkenness and failing to stop for a police officer. He was suspended, reinstated shortly afterwards, and then arrested on March 3 for malicious injury to personal property (he keyed a Professor’s car). Insufficient and ineffectual discipline appears to be a pattern in the South Carolina football program Steve, and it is time that you cleaned things up.

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