Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Ugliness: Omnibus Edition

I. The post over at Sports Law by Richard Southall, Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis and Associate Director of the Drake group, on The Lost NCAA Conference should be required reading for everyone.

II. Cory Boyd and other University of South Carolina football players are still under investigation for involvement in a shooting incident on April 15. Reports that they were off the hook have proved to be wishful thinking.

III. Three Iowa State football players, DB Devin McDowell, WR Derron Montgomery, and OL Jose Vargas have been charged with fifth-degree theft as a result of stealing items from an unattended purse, and then trashing it. They have all been suspended indefinitely from the team, but suffered a lesser fate than RB Josh Johnson, who has been dismissed from the team for multiple violations of team rules.

IV. Xavier Kilby, a forward on the Colorado State basketball team, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of felony menacing and prohibited use of weapons after he pointed a revolver at the head of his teammate Ronnie Aguilar, and then fired the gun into a couch. He has been banned from team activities, and faces a court date next Monday.

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